Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Tree Reveal

I think there was a mix up with Sandra's Blogmas list as I see today she did Xmas from her home country. I think on her icons list this was her order but on the original order list she put out Christmas tree reveal was next so that's what I had already done my post on. I don't really have a home country to share so I will just keep my reveal today and will share it again another day if needed.
I just love Christmas trees! They are such fun to be creative with and decorate in many different styles. I LOVE a real Christmas tree - the look, that wonderful smell!! However, several years ago when we still had kitties...they would obsess over the tree and wouldn't leave it alone, drank all the water all the time and made the tree smell like, well CAT. So I found an artificial I really liked and we switched and it's been so CLEAN and convenient ever since we never went back (even though both my kitties are in heaven now).
I can't wait to go around and see everyone's trees later but I'll get to sharing mine:
I have 2 trees. I started this tradition in the past few years as I decided that I wanted more of theme tree to my décor and colors in the more formal upstairs living room. However, we hang out in the media room (where the big t.v. is- Lol) quite a bit so I added a tree down there and that one could then have all of our usual traditional memory ornaments through the years. This was a pic of my living room tree I took a few weeks ago.
This is what it looks like today:
Getting loaded with lots of gifts for many different family members.  And if you look in the background you'll see this happened yesterday:
We got a nice coating of some pretty snow covering everything again - so we're back to a world of white!
Here's some pics of it at night:

I like doing this tree with woodland accents, brown and gold ribbon, cream flowers and all of those kinds of colors that match my home décor.
Here's a few favorite ornaments:
Mr. Owl

My Little Polish Girl

My Dragonfly ornaments

These pics show some of the flowers I use in the tree. I love how realistic the branches look on this tree.
Now for the downstairs tree. I'll also show you a few decorations from that room since I didn't get to yesterday.

These are some daylight photos, and this room is on a lower level of the house so it's not quite a basement but you can see ground level from part of it. This tree is so fun to decorate with the kiddos as we go down memory lane over every ornament! So fun!
Here's some night time pics of this tree:

These are views from my comfy leather recliner! Lol
Here's a few other decorations from around the media room:

 I love this angel decoration! The colors of her dress swirl around and change colors:

I never really got into collecting a village of any kind. These were gifted to me and I like to use them in the window sills of the small windows down there.  I never collected any extra pieces though.

So those are my Christmas trees to reveal!! I will end with a full shot of my kitchen and living room as I had happened to take a couple like that and will give you even more of a peek of my cozy north woods cottage.

Sending you warmest Christmas wishes! I can't wait to see everyone else's trees today.
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  1. Both of your trees are beautiful!! I love that you have two, and especially the way that you have used the ribbon as a garland on your big tree, I wish that I could do that, but it never looks right, you have obviously got just the right way with it!! xx

    1. Thx Amy! I love the ribbon garland too & it can be stubborn sometimes. But I think the key is a stiff edged ribbon & you just have to bend it & play with it a bit.

  2. Your home is beautiful; your decorations are beautiful, especially the pictures you show of them lit up! I love that angel whose dress changes colors...beautiful! And to see SNOW outside your window...simple beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thx Barbara! I love that angel so much too. She's one of my fave decorations & I could just gaze at her for hours. Lol

      So happy to share my snow with you!!

  3. Your trees are beautiful and so is your home! No snow here at the moment, and I'm ok with that but it does feel more like Christmas when it snows.

    1. Thx Mari! I hear ya - I don't mind if we don't get too much more snow. Just a nice covering is plenty this year! ;)

  4. Beautiful Trees!! I also like the ones that have a theme, or go with the decor. But the ones with the random ornaments that have been collected over the years are fun. I wish we had snow!! :(

    1. Thx Annie! I've really loved having both trees to play with & decorate in the different styles.

      I'll gladly send you some snow! Lol

  5. Beautiful trees. I really love that owl ornament - I swear his eyes are still following me.

    1. Haha - thanks Tamy! I love Mr Owl too. He's doing a good job guarding the gifts. Lol

  6. What beautiful trees! Love the angel on top of the first one you showed: beautiful. My mouth dropped open at the sight of the blanket of snow: how lovely! Love your Polish girl ornament (so beautiful!)......thank you so much for sharing all these insights in to your home!

  7. Thanks so much Helen! So happy to share my world of white snow with you & my Christmas pretties. It is so fun to get a peek into someone else's Christmas isn't it? ;)