Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas Day 18: Stocking Stuffer suggestions

I'm sorry I missed out on yesterdays blogmas fun, but it was a crazy busy day around here. Here's a peek at some of what was going on:

My Mom and I were baking up a storm all day! Lots of sugared pecans, faux turtles, reindeer cookies, mini eggnog bread loaves, chocolate covered spoons and pretzels.

I don't have photos of them, but we did lots of pretty containers of sugared pecans. We also did up goodie plates like the one above. Then we put together cute little bags with the mini eggnog bread & tied on chocolate covered spoons for coffee or cocoa.
Then we had lots of this:

We had a pile of boxes of gifts to ship and homemade cards to go with them. So we took a break from cookies and spent some time at the post office.
Then last night was my daughter's Christmas concert at church for her religious education class:
My Girl in the burgundy sweater

 Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Angels (I love that Joe is holding Jesus)
Santa & the Mrs. stopped by to visit

 Santa handed out treats to all the kiddos
Sorry - these are phone pics so not as clear. But it was a very sweet concert. The birth of Jesus Christmas story was narrated and in between each different class would stand up and sing a song pertaining to that part of the story. Then at the end Santa & Mrs. Claus came to visit and hand out candy to all the kiddos. So basically it was a big day and long night, but another one full of fun memories for the books!
Anyway, thanks for letting me show you my day and my excuse for missing yesterday. Here's my scoop on the STOCKING STUFFERS for today though! 
Santa always brings our kiddos some candy each year. Different kinds each year and some years unique candy shows up depending on what can be found. Then usually some new ornament also shows up for each kiddo. This is a neat thing to do I think as the kids love talking about their memory of that ornament each year when they put it on the tree. The ornaments are so different from one year to the next as the kiddos are into different things each year. An example for this year is that my son is getting a replica of a stadium chair ornament of his favorite Canadian hockey team.
Stadium Chair Ornament, Ottawa Senators
Then the gifts we do vary each year depending on what we find also. I always like to do some things that are unique and different and not found in big box stores. So several years ago I found a neat local toy store that only has unique and different specialty gifts and that's where I find goodies each year. An example is hand made wood jewelry that's also hand painted and then they'll personalize it with your child's name. And my son is a teenager and knows the Santa deal, but it's fun(& nice for his sis) how he plays along. Well Santa is teasing him in his stocking this year with a unique portable/foldable mustache comb  (he's getting some fuzz on his lip now) Lol
If you don't have a fun specialty store like that I recommend Hearthsong online or through their catalog for neat unique gift alternatives. Here are some fun suggestions I found at Hearthsong:
Holiday Hatchems
these holiday "hatch 'ems" are cute and unique
Eye Spy Motion Activated Voice Recorder
So are these eye spy motion activated voice recorders
I can't wait to get back to blogging life today and visit my friends out there to see what I missed yesterday and what you've got to share today!
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  1. What fabulous cookies and baked things you made!! They would be wonderful stocking stuffers for anyone!! Happy Christmas! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! My Mom and I have fun doing our baking every year!! ;)

  2. Oh, I'll bet your beautiful kitchen smelled delicious yesterday, Carrie! What cute little reindeer cookies! How nice that your Mom came over to bake with you - I love that! And how precious is that little girl with her silver halo? Don't you just love those Christmas pageants - and sometimes the kids do the funniest things (like pick their nose :) Oh, I miss those days....but I will have them to look forward to in a few years with my new grandchild. I love that you give a new ornament every year - what a great tradition. It must be so fun for the kids to decorate the tree with their special ornaments. I hope you kept some of those delicious goodies for yourself! Have a great day - hopefully a restful one! Hugs xo Karen

    1. It did smell heavenly around here yesterday Karen! I'm telling you those sugared pecans make my house smell the way I imagine Mrs. Claus's house smelling. Lol
      The pageant was so sweet. Children's voices singing sweetly - does it get better?? You'll soon get your fill with a precious grand baby coming.

      Such a special time of year. Trying to soak in all I can and hope you are too. xoxo

  3. You got a lot done! The program looks like a good one too.
    I love your stocking ideas!

  4. Thanks Mari! Hope you're having a lovely holiday time as things draw closer to "D-day" or should I say "C-day" for Christmas? Lol

    I feel like I am getting things done and checking things off the list but it still feels too busy. I'm going to work to pause more over the next several days and enjoy the season. In fact I'm off to find a Christmas cookie right now and put up my feet for a while and gaze at the tree.

    God bless xo

  5. WOW you had a BUSY BUSY day! Everything looks absolutely wonderful! Great stocking stuffer ideas.

  6. Thx Tamy! It was a long day - but fun & productive!

  7. Wow, you certainly cooked up a storm!!! And managed to fit in so many other things too!

  8. Bet your kitchen smelled pretty wonderful after all that. :)

    1. You bet it did Kristen! Just the sugared pecans alone makes the whole house smell amazing!!