Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21: Favorite Christmas Poem or Picture (& Holiday luncheon and a recipe!)

Well I'd have to say my favorite Christmas poem is the tried and true "T'was the Night Before Christmas" poem.
I know it's probably cliché and overdone, but it's still one of my favorites and I never tire of hearing it each year. I am 7 years old all over again.
I do also love to hear the Christmas story of Jesus's birth each year as church (&  from Linus on A Charlie Brown Christmas!) Lol
I'll throw in a favorite picture too - which would be the photo I used for our
Christmas card this year:
Any photo with all of my "babies" in it is my favorite.
I would also love to share some other photos filled with holiday spirit.  I had a luncheon for some relatives the other day and I snapped some shots to share so you could be part of it as well.
 If you look closely you can see it started snowing soft big flakes so pretty - just right for the occasion!

 Please come in - the table is all set.

The tree is on and candles are lit.
Come sit down and let me know what you would like to drink so we can make a toast.
On the menu:
A holiday salad of romaine, chopped veggies, red apple, cheddar cheese and of course some sugared pecans on top! All with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
A fruit platter & dip
Holiday ham & cheese sliders (recipe to follow)
Dessert will be a variety of cookie and faux turtles from all of my baking the other day.
Served along with coffee and tea.
HOLIDAY HAM & CHEESE SLIDERS RECIPE (from Midwest Living magazine)
1/4 cup of butter, melted
2 tbsp. all purpose flour
1 cup pineapple-apricot or pineapple preserves/jam
24 silver dollar or smaller size dinner rolls
1&1/2 lbs cooked and thinly sliced ham
12 ounces cheddar cheese thinly sliced
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
4 tsps. yellow mustard
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 - 1&1/2 tsp poppy seeds
In a small bowl mix flour, melted butter and jam/preserves and set aside.
Cut rolls in half and lay bottom halves in  two 13x9 pans lightly sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Spread each roll with jam mixture. Divide ham and cheese among all the roll bottoms. Add roll tops.
For the topping - melt 1/2 cup of  butter in small sauce pan on the stove over medium heat. Remove from heat when melted and stir in brown sugar, mustard and Worcestershire sauce.  Using a pastry brush coat all of the tops of rolls with the butter mixture.  Sprinkle poppyseeds over all.
Bake in 350* oven for around 20 minute or until cheese is nicely melted and everything is heated through.
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  1. Such beautiful pictures, especially all your "babies". :) I think the Christmas story by Linus is my favorite, I had forgotten about that one, I couldn't think of a story.

    1. Thanks so much sweet Carrie-girl! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and revel in all the Christmas story means for us all.
      Peace and blessings to you!! xoxo

  2. So lovely! Glad you had a great time. Happy Christmas! xx

  3. Thx Amy! Happy Christmas to you as well!! XO